Winter ramblings


On the right hand side, you will find, among the mess, the list of the next Living Room Sessions, mosty held on tuesdays/saturdays or mondays

Contact me as soon as if you are interested so i can organise some sort of a plan. Let me know also if the times are okay for you, if not, because the classes are so small, we can always try to find a time that will suit everyone.

As far as 2012 goes, there won’t be any classes in january as i am not there. Classes will start again on 2nd February in the PEC (contact them to enroll) and on 6th February in the Crescent Arts Centre (as usual, beginners need to contact the Crescent itself, level 1 people get in touch with me)

South Bank dates haven’t been decided yet, but again, classes won’t start until February.

That’s all the news so far…

keep warm, will you? we’ve been promised a cold cold winter… 😉

take good care of yourselves




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