For reasons both complicated and slightly too long to explain for this tiny page, all classes this term will be taught in small groups (4 people), from my house.

They will start on 20th April.

There will not be any beginners classes.

Please contact me via email for a class list if you are interested


thank you



Cancellation of Level 1 class on mondays

The monday night class Level 1 (6 to 7:30pm)  at the Crescent Arts Centre had to be cancelled.

Non beginners are invited to join either the South Bank class on wednesdays (contact me for this) or the PEC class on thursday (contact PEC)

I am deeply sorry about this, and i hope to see you soon on  your mats




New Year term- January to March 2012

Hey all,

So the timetable and all other relevant info have now been updated.

All the classes will start again in February, see the menu above (New Year Timetable) as well as the scroll down menu on the right.

Drop me an email if you are interested in joining any of the Yogarama classes (in blue), or else contact the Crescent Arts Centre or the PEC (see links, on the right, for contact info and maps).

    Claire Ferry, certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, will be teaching classes in the Crescent Arts Centre for the month of January.

The times are the same as the usual Crescent Class, 5:30-7pm

from 9th January 2011

Cost £20 for 4 weeks

Please contact Claire for enrolment and any other information : claire@claireferryyoga.net

In the meantime, do take care and have a lovely christmas!…



Winter ramblings


On the right hand side, you will find, among the mess, the list of the next Living Room Sessions, mosty held on tuesdays/saturdays or mondays

Contact me as soon as if you are interested so i can organise some sort of a plan. Let me know also if the times are okay for you, if not, because the classes are so small, we can always try to find a time that will suit everyone.

As far as 2012 goes, there won’t be any classes in january as i am not there. Classes will start again on 2nd February in the PEC (contact them to enroll) and on 6th February in the Crescent Arts Centre (as usual, beginners need to contact the Crescent itself, level 1 people get in touch with me)

South Bank dates haven’t been decided yet, but again, classes won’t start until February.

That’s all the news so far…

keep warm, will you? we’ve been promised a cold cold winter… 😉

take good care of yourselves



New programme so far…

Hello all,

On the main menu, you will find the list of the new classes so far.

the Crescent Arts Centre classes start the earliest, on 5th September 2011.

then, improvers classes at South bank Playhouse, from 21t September.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on bi.yogaworkshop@gmail.com or on the phone if you need more info about anything (well…)

I hope you are all well and the summer is treating you kindly 😉

take care,




New summer programme

See the scroll down menu on your right or the top menu for all details of times, dates, prices etc…

To sum it up though… All classes will stop the first two weeks in July to leave you all a chance to rest your weary mats and flee the country should you wish to do so, then we’ll be back on wednesday 20th July for the first of the six summer wednesdays in the Morton Community Centre (1 year practice +).

This summer, small workshops are going to be arranged, 4 students max., at my house ( the Living Room Sessions if you like ;-)). A few people have already come forward with prefered dates and times so if you are interested, please send me an email and i’ll try and organize sessions that suit as many people as possible.

Please note that i will be away from civilization until the 13th July and will not be able to answer emails or queries until after that date.

In the meantime, have a great summer!

hope to see you (all!) soon

take care



ps: please do not post comments on this site but send me an email instead (i tend to lose comments forever… working on it but not quite there yet…;-)

Spring happenings

You can now find in these pages the details of the spring classes, starting in May.

There will also be a workshop, to make it up somehow for the length of the April break, on


18:30 to 21:00


One year+ practice

Cost: £20/£15(money diffs)


drop me a wee line if you’re interested,



New Year programme

Hello all

and a very happy new year!….

You will find here the dates and all relevant details for the new term, apart from the classes in the PEC, as i do not have the info yet.

– People wishing to attend the beginners class in the Crescent Arts Centre can now enrol online, following this link:


or else get in touch with the Crescent Arts Centre.

– People coming to Yogarama classes (monday level 1 and South Bank) can drop me an email to let me know which class they wish to attend. I will be away until the 15th January so you might not get the speediest of replies but pay no mind 😉

– People wishing to join classes with the PEC can contact the PEC directly.

In any case, see you very soon on yer mats!





September-December timetable updated

hello all,

Details of the new term are now available on the pages the the right of your screen.

Enrolment for the Crescent Art Centre starts on the 4th september.

For Yogarama classes (in blue), please contact Stephanie for enrolment.

Hope to see you soon on yer mats!…


mistake in the new Crescent arts Centre programme

the level one class is the earlier one (5:30 to 7pm)
for this class you need to enrol with me (one year practice +, regular practice of inverted asanas, headstand and shoulderstand)
the beginners class is the latest one (8 to 9:30pm)
enrolment for this class is with the Crescent.
the wednesday south bank class is suited for people who have been introduced to some inverted poses, eg shoulderstand, 6 months practice+ in average

**the new programme for all the classes will be updated soon***

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